”2014 Only” Review [BE CAREFUL with This Product!]

2014only is an investment opportunity of sorts that promises high earnings. First and Foremost: Use EXTREME care when attempting to use this product!

logoName: 2014only
Website: http://2014only.com
Launch: February 24th 2014
Price: Free
Owners: Matt Bergstorm and Desmond Ong
Overall Rank: 5 out of 100

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2014only, Product Overview

Let’s Get Though the Hype…

Here’s a Internet Business & Marketing program that’s starting out much like one I just finished reviewing, EZ Cash Creator.

However similar it may be, it’s a world of difference from that program.

A number of people came into the discussion area to relate their experiences. (Many thanks to each and everyone of you!) Here we go again! I’m targeting this one at the moment because the way this program is promoted, is so akin as the last infamous product. You will see why as I proceed, even though I’ve not been inside this one yet, one thing I notice right off…

  • The style of hype and graphics and
  • Requires Monetary Investment/Digital Investment System: BitCoins

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Here are a few screenshots from the first sales video. This is representative to what you will find in the other video (two in all for inducting members into the program.)

About two-dozen reports of earnings of various members scroll upwards on the sales video pages. After the two-dozen pass, they promptly repeat themselves, making this just another fakery in the promotion. My overall advice on what I’ve seen so far with this – AVOID! The image below showing 3 Points brings this up as Point 1.

Ultimately this program turns out to be an investment opportunity, trading with bitcoins, which, upon preliminary study, is a cyber-currency which has erractic point values, making this extremely risky. Even the disclaimers warn about being sure money being used for this is “spare” money and not important income.

I will be including an article giving a brief overview about what bitcoins are and why these are not a safe investment.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

  • Does Provide Warnings
  • Cutting Out Hype Readily Reveals What 2014only Is
  • Not Much To It!

The Bad:

  • Risky
  • Crafty Promotion
  • Testimonials are Fake
  • Not Anyplace I’d Be Investing Money

Who is 2014only For?

This is a push-button solution to investing targeting those who have not been educated in doing so. This is not meant to be condescending, but that generally people need to look into real financial advisers and not salesmen. This program might and might-not work. It’s for those who believe that there are just “3 Downloads Left” in their area (as indicated above the video.) It’s also for those who tend to play their finances on a Russian Roulette.

Anyone who has a handle on trading with OptioNOW and strategical trading with BitCOINs might find this a handy tool.

2014only Tools & Training

The tool is an interface that shows you your trading performance. You will be required to invest in a foreign exchange, therefore come into alliance with a broker within their network. The presentation videos provide enough insight for most people’s comprenension on what this product does and who might benefit from it.

2014only Support

There is support on the members page, albeit its response and performances remain to be seen. General experience with ClickSure-sponsored offers like this, customer service is bad. The financial services are provided through OptioNow and little is known about this company at this point.

Snapshot 8312labeled

  1. A script that displays supposed earnings live (In spite of randomness of these pop-ups, they do repeat themselves.) These should be regarded as FICTITIOUS.
  2. Here’s Your Line… You purchase this program (or plan on it) and are having issues? Any reports on customer performance gladly accepted in the comments!
  3. Nobody likes ’em, but it’s this small print that will protect you and give you the ins and outs about this program! These are the “You Have Been Warned!” statements and you should NEVER jump into anything like this without reading!

2014only Price

It costs nothing to join. However, what you get is an interface which will allow you to invest money into, as reiterated,

“The 2014 ONLY software is free of charge if you make a minimum deposit with our recommended binary options broker.”

My Final Opinion of 2014only

Investment software like this is a portal to destruction to those who don’t know what they are doing. My advice on something like this is to let it go on by. These are folks that put together low-end products of all sorts and are behind them on the receiving end.

This product is being promoted with what I would say, is mild hype, but the bit at the beginning of the first video, the mansions, other depictions of exotic wealth are sure anchors for ClickSure as they captivate the audience.

I smell a rat!

Though this isn’t done like it should be, investing is not a one-way street. For lack of better words, those who invest need to know exactly what’s happening with their money and about whom they entrust it to.

2014only at a Glance…

Name: 2014only

Website: http://2014only.com
Owners: Matt Bergstorm and Desmond Ong
Price: Free
Overall Scam Rank: 5 out of 100



My Top Recommendation

I will be developing out a section on investing on this site. Insofar as investing goes, arrangements like this are NEVER recommended. Most people are not knowledgeable of foreign exchange, making this an extremely-risky venture! I strongly encourage you to arm yourself with education in investment. Important! My preferred authors and thought leaders are folks like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet.

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Why do I spotlight Wealthy Affiliate?

I am, or have been a member of other training programs and none of them can turn out the kind of results members enjoy at Wealthy Affiliate. Learning about building campaigns, websites, delving in profitable niches, socialization, social media, traffic, and publishing, depending on the campaign, can, and does produce real income, if mastered.

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  1. Willard says

    I found the site before I read your article and found that the page to withdraw your money (which is subject to a $35 charge) is 404. Not the whole page mind you. Just the in-website area for withdraws. Meaning that the people who created the website have not added a place for you to remove your money.

    I sent them an email a week ago asking them to update the site and have not received a response. This site is a lie.

    • says

      Unfortunately, this is just another ClickSure-processed product and they don’t take responsibility for anything vendors do. This means, pirates like to flock here with bogus programs and steal other people’s money. Your chances of finding the owners to this program are very nil and I hope, for your sake, you didn’t invest much money into this program. It’s as much of a gamble just trying to get your money back as it is your money making anything in it, and if it does, you still will most likely have problems getting it back.

      I wouldn’t hold your breath too long. I just really hope you didn’t put too much into it.

      Anyone who reads this reply and the rest of the content here, please listen up. Many of these reviews on here deal with this same outfit and so far, none of the products (the bad ones) they process have delivered. I wish I had a way to reach far more people than I can with this blog because it’s so sad that so many people are being taken to the cleaners by these insidious products. Every person who has come on here and gave their experience, like Willard here, have found my reviews too late – after they have bought into the program. ClickSure is an affiliate network, just like ClickBank. Several years ago, ClickBank imposed new policies to weed all these bad programs out of their network by screening out programs with false advertising and worthless programs.

      Before you purchase into a program, look for the following:

      Testimonials in the sales page/video that looks like acting. This is not some soap commercial during daytime soap operas that have those demonstrations you know are not real, but if you purchase the soap, it will do its job regardless. This is serious business with folks creating rubbish and promoting through a rubbish processor. Now, this processor, ClickSure is a Chinese company. It’s very existence came about as a result of ClickBank’s cracking down and cleaning house. It was right in their first appearance in, 2005 I believe it was, knowing there was money to be made. By appealing to the crooks and pirates out there who got kicked off ClickBank, they made a killing and is still going on today.

      Unlike those soap commercials and the soap products themselves, what you get is pure junk and it doesn’t work. Forget customer service! It doesn’t exist. Forget trying to find the original owners. Half of the time, if not more, these too, are fictitious characters.

      Willard, if you want the real deal when it comes to online business, one of the best ways to go about this is to learn how to market on the Internet. In this, I mean you learn how to build a website and promote what you want on it, learning how to find the right niche, how to write and how to promote for other companies. This is called “affiliate marketing.” You may know very well what this is. My presence on here is two-fold.

      • Do what I can to help folks not get stung by these fake programs.
      • Show folks where they can go, where they will not find fakery, hype, empty promises, disappointment and that they have lost money after the fact.

      I realize that my response to you about getting any money back from crooks is not good news, but in hopes that you will check us out over there at Wealthy Affiliate where I’ve been a member now since January 1, 2010. There are no easy buttons or silver bullets. Like any other legitimate business, it takes time. You need education, support and an awesome community to back you up.

      There is a Starter Membership where you can test the program and if you like it, go for it. There are no deadlines and you can remain in the Starter Membership as long as you wish. After a week, you won’t have write privileges any longer, but you will have access to the training itself. A week is ample time for new members to showcase the Member’s Area. However, you will get more value from this alone than most programs out there that you pay for. You will see this for yourself upon checking this out. There are no costs or obligations tied to the Starter Membership and you get free hosting for two websites. These, you will build yourself from lessons that show you how and as long as what you put on them are legal, clean, not harmful or or volatile in any way, we show you how to find low-hanging fruit in any niche you have passion for, this could make up for the money you lost over there trying to trade on that crap site.

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