Auto Money Machines Review – Does It Really Work?

Is Auto Money Machines a Financial Investment Platform or Is It a Gaming Platform? Let’s Take a Look at Yet Another Dubious Online Business Offer

ClickSure Review: Covering “Auto Money Machines”
by Daniel Euergetes,
#AutoMoneyMachinesLogoUpdated: [February 2, 2015]

Producers: Joe W & Michael D
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The Preliminaries…

I have gone through the video advertising to this product and found it to be full of logical fallacies, which are used very often by malicious folks who use these tactics to trick people into buying (or buying into) equally malicious products and software that does little more for them than separate them from their money. Auto Money Machines, I have found, is no different.

It is packed with such fallacies as appeals to emotion, which by itself, is a logical fallacy because the emotional appeals do not support logical, rational reasons why the product works or is genuinely something worth purchasing. It also appeals to emotion through scarcity, inclusiveness and has unreasonable expectation peppered throughout. If one were to mount all of the rubbish found in this video, we would literally have nothing of any substance being offered here!

I’m going to go down through the video advertising alone and show you these and other condemning aspects of this product to help you save your hard-earned money! Why have I chosen to expose this product through its advertising? Because this is where people get hurt. This is what starts people going down the low road to despair, disappointment and financial losses. It’s where the damage is done through customer seduction. It’s persuasive in ways that, if you only knew, would spark anger inside you! Nothing could be worse when you are thinking you’re heading to certain wealth, to find out you’ve been had…

This is about a product, but it’s also about these kind of products and is therefore, timely and not just dedicated to this one product. It applies to thousands of other money pits like it.

Auto Money Machine’s Landing Page

1. Auto_Money_Machines_Sales_Page_&_Video

This is what the landing page looked like a few days ago. It is a lot more enticing now. the “100% FREE” line image above the video is now much bigger, just as wide as the video and the bottom has many changes to it. Here’s what it looks like now…

2.Amendment The ploy here, is not that you actually have a choice, but that it gets you more involved. Professional marketers and salespeople know that, the more they can get you involved in something, the more likely you will follow through.

  • This is why many sweepstakes advertisements you get in the regular mail often has you taking stickers from one piece of the unit and pasting them on another.
  • It’s also why car salespeople do what they can to get you into the driver’s seat and take the car out for a spin.

This is legitimate, it has been done for years and is proven to have a high success rate in closing sales. It’s been taught in communications and persuasive selling courses for years.

If you compare the original layout with the new one, which do you think would get more interest? I will actually click into one of the options shown here in Part II of this Review. For now, let’s take a look at the the opening of the video and I will make some comments about it below.

What we have here, according to the rest of this video, is a binary trading opportunity wherein the software you get is given to you for free. Since I don’t know yet what’s on the other side, I’m going to go further with my observations.

The video purports that all you do is plug this software in, push the “activate” button somewhere on the software and presto! You have made $300-$400 every time you do this, in a 60-second period of time. It purports that the software works better on a computer than it does on a mobile device – something that seems a bit far-fetched. Right off the bat, a red flag comes up just in this very short segment. This is a push-button, get-rich-quick scheme.

Now, people will see this video, and their cognitive thinking will kick in, “No, this can’t be true!” However, emotional levals for many of these folks will outweigh their rational thinking and they will act upon their emotion, based on what they’ve learned from this video.


The video includes four “users” whom Mr. Good, the one who’s doing the narration in the video, says is now making $250,000 per month (or more.) Two of these users are shown immediately where the above video leaves off. Two others, whom he calls his “students.” appear near the end of the video.

The “Users” (2) in a Clip Less than a Minute Long…Ready to Be Entertained?

Here’s the clincher: This product, at the time of this writing, is not yet launched. These are some of the users. As if by magic, we have people who have already been using this piece of software.

Here’s the other clincher: All of these folks are actors, and not one of the four on here have done a very good job of it. Note their speech, their semantics, and their body language. I’ve seen grade school plays with better acting than this!

Think about this…

How would you behave if you hit a windfall of an endless money source and you were being interviewed on camera? Compare this with what you have seen here.

The truth is, these people were hired to do this. They have NOT acquired this software. They were paid $5 to do their gigs on a website called, a freelance site where people get on there and do everything ranging from writing articles to doing videos like these, and more. These are your “testimonials.” Not anything I’d want to base my money decisions on! Every scam review on this website shows these characters, some of them doing videos for more than one product!

I will show the other two near the bottom of this review. In my observation, these two “students” do a worse job acting than the ones above!

Appeal to Emotion

Don’t you get sick and tired of seeing the yachts, mansions, exotic beaches, people dressed in flowered shirts laying on a hammock strung between two palms with a martini drink in one hand and a laptop in the other?

This is “selling the sizzle without the steak.” It’s selling the dream and it’s all meant to appeal to the emotion – and it works on the uninitiated. The problem with this offer is that it’s all “appeal to emotion” and no rationality. Appeal to emotion that supports rational arguments in an advertisement is valid, but when it doesn’t, and it’s there by itself, it become a logical fallacy. Marketers know it. Trouble is, most lay people don’t and it gets them right in their wallets and purses!

Selling the Sizzle without the Steak in This Advert

Exotic Resort in Thailand

Two Lovers on a Beach

Cute Miami Home for the Wife

Expensive Car


The appeal to emotion doesn’t stop here…

The Storyline

I guarantee you that this whole thing is fiction. Put on your thinking cap and read a synopsis of the story found in the video. Note that many of the things you read here are common to a great many of these kind of video advertisements. After this synopsis, I will list a few things and then we move on to the next thing.

How You’ve Stumbled Into Wealth…

You’ve been privately invited to this page to receive this very important software that would turn your life for the better… forever. I’m talking about spending $250,000 on anything and you’ll still have a few thousand in change at the end of the month.

Just imagine if you had the same power! Here’s how you can make

He’s about to tell us how he’s been able to make $250,000 (or more) without “busting his ass” or being techincally savvy without getting involved in one of those one-click software gurus or MLM…

(Getting involved in one of those one-click software gurus? Now this is the frypan calling the kettle black!)

Mr. Good’s Personal Experiences – More Appeal to Emotion!

Most of these type of get-rich-quick programs include a success story like this…

The story about how he worked as a translator in a dead-end job, yadda…yadda… He and his wife were barely surviving on the salary he was making… Changes jobs and relocates to China to teach English to Chinese university students, and through one of his students, the daughter of a “Mr. Li” meet up in a school function. This Li person donates large sums of money to this school. He describes Mr. Li as an “underground billionaire” who doesn’t trade in stocks, commodities, have investments, inheritances or a business!

(What in the world could this be???)

Mr. Li’s very words: “Most people are trading blindly and that’s why they’ve lost money. The smart ones trade with 99.9% accuracy, knowing that they will win 99.9% of the trades.

Of course, every story must have a happy ending…

Mr. Li gives Mr. Good a link to type into his smart phone. A sign-up form appears and Mr. Li instructs him to sign up. Not know what was going to happen next, Mr. Good notices something going on in the screen of his phone. In short, a balance goes up from $50 to $326 in like 60 seconds and Mr. Li congratulates him for making that money and tells him it’s all his!

Skeptical, he goes to the software given to him and tries to withdraw it. A percentage progresses to 100% and he suddenly gets a message from his bank alerting him of a new balance having reached his bank (Careful here! More later…)

Mr. Li looks up and tells him, “Now you know how I made my billions.”

So, Mr. Good goes home to his wife and demonstrates this on her computer. (He says at this point that it works better on a computer.) and thus makes more in a trade than before within 60 seconds than he did on his smart phone. Since she didn’t believe it, he did it again and made another $350 in 60 seconds. So they go crazy with it and make $3,250 more, pushing the button over and over again over a period of 12 hours.

A week later he and his wife were bringing in over $15,000 per day.

  • No cost.
  • No overhead.
  • No learning curves.

Once again, he says he’s going to show, in the video, how he does it – “all by just activating one simple software that (he) called, ‘Auto Money Machines.'” Once again, he’s going to give “you” access to the software – for free. Why? because he’s already got what he’s wanted with the money he’s got (lists all of the big-ticket recreations and commodities he purchased with the money. His next great goal, “To help changes lives. just as Mr. Li has changed my life for the better.” So now it’s his turn to help others, just like many students he’s already helped.

This sounds more like an adventure from the “Temple of Doom.” The elements of this story is not unique. It can be found in many scammy advertisements! Again, explore around other reviews on this site. You’ll see it in some of the fully-intact videos I have on here!

The story ends here and he presents two of his students (the ones I mentioned above.) that are purportedly “…creating income out of nothing…”

Two of His Students…


This is yet another ploy put into malicious video advertising.

This fallacy is the error of producing a sense of urgency in prospective customers by telling them there is very limited availability of a thing, when such limitation does not exist. This is an outright lie and this technique is used by unscrupulous marketers to drum up massive sales.

Perfect example right here in the advertising right here: “I can only give out 90 of these accounts every single month, equating to three accounts per day (because Mr. Li doesn’t want the whole world knowing about this.) Why? Doing so might bring in hackers and dirty players into the system.”

It creates sales AND it hides the fact that these folks are “dirty players” themselves!

This case scenario is extremely common amongst vendors who promote their products out of Clicksure, an affiliate network known for downright worthless products. Learn more about Clicksure.

The advertisement tells us that, “Once inside, Mr. Good will give every person who successfully gets enrolled, his personal email and Skype address.” In other similar offerings, this does not hold up. At best, you get a “Contact Us” link on the web page containing the software, many times of which offers poor customer service at best.

Does This Product Offer A Guarantee?

At the level of the sales video, no, it does not. I’ve been in the Joint Venture (JV) affiliate invite page and it doesn’t mention a guarantee either. It’s probably because the software is provided freely, and the fact that you will be trading (in this case, gambling,) so it’s not there. Furthermore, even if it does somewhere during the process of getting set up, there will be money involved, you can forget it… Getting involved in binary trading is very risky business. Note that there is a difference between a calculated risk and being just plain stupid (taking unnecessary risks.)

The aim of this Review is to educate and inform you about what’s going on here so you don’t make a bad decision here! Perhaps the “stupid” above is a little blunt, and I will re-iterate this to being, “suckered.” Because the advertising is so powerful that it does take in a LOT of people who later wish they’d not gotten involved.

What Does ScamAdvisor Say About This Product?

Here’s another item to throw into the stew. here are two screenshots taken from ScamAdvisor’s report on this product. It has some sobering data about the site that you need to be aware of. The screenshots are linked to the appropriate page on


Final Thoughts and the Many Red Flags that Has Popped Up

  • There is literally no substance to this advertisement. I have pared it down and find no value!
  • This advertisement is full of lies and unreasonable expectations.
  • It is filled with appeals to emotion, which is a logical fallacy if it stands by itself and does not support rational argumentation within the advertisement. This is true in this case, through and through.
  • It employs the use of scarcity in order to force sales by manipulation. This is an emotional fallacy because no such scarcity exists. One visit to the JV Invite page will set you straight when you see the HUGE army of affiliates promoting this product!
  • Exact values are used throughout and does not mean that these are actual. Their use makes them more believable.
  • Binary trading is, in many instances, more along the lines of gaming, not investing. I will create a resource on here that will explain what binary trading is and what it isn’t.
  • The advertising campaign is endorsed by a shady affiliate network (marketplace) and should be avoided.
  • The testimonials are not real. The people featured in them are actors. In this advertisement, the fact that these are not directly called “testimonials” doesn’t mean that they are not.
  • The advertisement is so hyped-up that it compares to any other gaming platform.
  • This is NOT a wise investment opportunity. You should NEVER put all your eggs in the basket of letting a piece of software dictate your investment choices. You need to be knowledgeable and know what you are doing in any investment scheme! If there is any wise council to be found in this…
  • Mr. Li’s comment about wise investing (the first part) holds true, but it’s not the main theme of this advertisement, or is used in a very deceptive way.

Based on my findings in this video advertisement, even though the software might work, it is misleading, full of hype and lies … this opportunity, in my book, should be avoided. It is a downright
scam! (2)

My Recommendation…

There are legitimate businesses you can learn about and implement. I strongly recommend affiliate marketing. It is easy to learn, great for folks with a shoe-string budget and can yield high profits. My offering is a online business training where you can learn how to build websites and promote your favourite products and services. It is currently the best online business training platform available on the Internet and boasts very high success stories without the hype, lies and shenanigans you get form products such as that above.

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More on binary trading and Auto Money Machines coming soon!