Election Year 2016: A Lesson in History Forgotten

In this corner, we have Donald Trump – by far, a highly successful businessman, a radical reformer of the standing system as it is today, less than a month before the election. Sadly the poisoning of Trump’s reputation comes from a few careless words in a private discussion in 2005, eleven years ago, that is looming over what could be the salvation of this nation.

In this corner, we have Hillary Clinton – known for a mountain of missteps and corruption throughout her career with regard to foreign policies, destruction of thousands of emails after a congressional subpoena (something that would earn anyone else a hefty prison sentence) and terribly shady trade agreements, not to mention the myriads of lies and cover-ups. We must also not forget the impeachment of her husband and the sexual assaults he has committed – and Hillary’s involvement in cover-ups on this regard.

The election year 2016 campaigns are not for the people and the nation, but who can bash who harder and stain the other’s reputation the worst.

Meanwhile, the masses are being tossed about in an ever turbulent flux with nothing but the wind to hold onto.

God Is the One in Control

In spite of misdirected prayers about which leader should take the peak of the mountain, prayers for a nation that has almost entirely forgotten God and His precepts, what more should we expect?

Have we not learned the lessons about what happens to a nation or empire that has shunned God? Who knows the mind of God who does not study His word? Who can see the final outcome in spite of spiraling history? Who are we to say that we, as a nation, are immune to God and His wrath? Who are we to say that God has changed His mind and that He is not the God He was in the days of the exiles?

Have we not considered that perhaps, God has already chosen the leader for our country? Everything that is now happening is, and has been according to His providence? Have we not considered the wicked, pagan leaders of days gone by, to commission them, according to His will, to bring down His chosen people who disobeyed Him?

Have we not considered that this land is filled with disobedience from the masses of religious groups that are NOT doing His will, doing what they think is His will, adding and taking away markers that made up the ancient ways, removing sacred boundaries, cutting our own careless paths?

There is only one thing we can pray – that whatever happens, it’s in accordance with God’s will – not what we want, or even need – but that we are perhaps reckoning what is coming to us, for God is just, that not mine will be done, but Thine, and that those who truly love God find deliverance in the turmoil ahead. As has always been the case, victory has always been with the pitiful few, and the rest, a delusion.

Do Our Votes Really Matter?

Though, in the minds of many, Donald Trump seems to be the best choice, it might very well be in God’s plan that this country is headed for dissolution, for if the chosen did not survive destruction due to their infidelity, what makes we, who are merely secular, and hardly any resemblance to a nation truly submissive to God, think we could ever stand against the will of God, or that God would turn a blind eye?

A bit misapplied I know, but the analogy points at the contrast between fallen Israel – and the United States, and any other pagan entity.

Because overall, the very few who are doing God’s will and obeying His commands are the very fabric holding any nation in which they live together, this continuance has never been guaranteed under any circumstances, and indeed, in spite of the faithful, there have been scatterings and bloodshed, which also purges out the dead weight amongst the faithful. Unfortunately, the times of evident peace and tolerance enjoyed for 200 years has faded from the American mind the insidious possibilities that are today, cloaked in false security.

Whether it be Trump – or Clinton – the scenario remains the same. The song of the ages continues throughout history – if we don’t exercise our choice in following the Lord of all there is and making His ways our ways, we serve the same consequences that have surfaced over and over again throughout history. There isn’t anything Trump can do – or Hillary can do, that is outside of the will of God. It is what it is.

If God wills the incursion of ISIS, or the likes of, into this country, there isn’t a thing we are going to be able to do about it.

Therefore, I am not worried about who wins the White House. It’s immaterial. It has no basis. If I’m doing what God commands of me, I may suffer temporal tribulation, but in the days of eternity, none of what’s happening now matters. I may be a citizen of the United States, but Jesus Christ is the King of His Kingdom which is established everywhere. I have ancient coins from Parthia, upon the reverse that says, “Kingdom of Kingdoms” but where is Parthia today? If we don’t have God, how can we truly attribute such of ourselves as a nation upon the Earth?